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Jul 18

Anonymous said: bighero 6 is racist and so is disney they have proven it with tehir line up. and the way they white wash characters.






Well let’s not be too hasty with the whole they don’t ever white-wash characters/stories. But they do make many poc characters and movies that center around poc characters completely. In fact quite a few poc characters are in the more noticeable line ups, like the princesses!

We have Mulan, who is Chinese. Pocohontas who is…native obviously. Tiana who is African and Jasmine who is Arab! Granted that’s still nine to four but even the white princesses come from their own very different cultures though they aren’t shown to well in their movies aside from Merida.

And Moana is coming out soon so that brings up the poc princesses to five. People are nervous if Moana’s culture will be portrayed correctly and I’m worried to but if all goes according to plan it looks to be promising.

And moving away from their princesses we have many more characters of color! We have Big Hero Six, where a lot of the cast is poc and mixed together like a melting pot which is great and Honey-Lemon is one of them! Being half Japanese??? I think. 

Anyways, we have “The Emperors New Groove” an absolute Disney treasure and the whole cast is Incan, except Yzma, the villain. Yzma is a dinosaur. Next, we have Lilo and Stitch. All the main characters are Hawaiian. If they are not Hawaiian they are aliens. The movie will not only make you laugh but it will destroy you emotionally, several times over and surprisingly the sequel, though less known, is just as good with the art still as great as the last movie!

Then we have Atlantis. Literally, the best underrated Disney movie ever. You think it’ll be another movie about an awkward male white protagonist that’ll save the day? Bippity boppity no you limp wet noodle

This movie side kicks you in the face with such delightful characters as Audrey, a Hispanic teenage mechanic whose sassy as all get out and her bio page on Disney wikia only makes you love her more. She’s literally a genius.

Then you have Kida, you think she’s just a love interest? Wrong. She’s the bad-ass warrior princess of a dying race of a once brilliant and futuristic indigenous people. Then you have Doctor Sweet, a black male who is a doctor and just hilarious and obviously smart since ya’ know…doctor. And it’s all set in 1914.

Moving on we have, Jungle Book, it’s set in India so obviously everyone is Indian and there is none of this “everyone is a savage’ nonsense, if that’s what you’re thinking. The only savage one is Mowgli literally raised by animals because he got lost in the jungle when he was a baby??? It’s been a long time since I’ve watched it but it has a sequel and I remember that one vividly.

The art is great and one of the main characters is a cute little diamond in the rough female character no one mentions and she is such a bad-ass. She literally hikes into a jungle chasing after her best friend, while taking care of her little brother. And she fights/helps out smart all sorts of dangerous creatures to! The original boss strong female character is Shanti, alright?

And now, the movie we’re all thinking of every time someone brings up ‘disney is racist’…Brother Bear. Flash to post age North America and an Inuit tribe. Everyone is Inuit and if they’re not they’re an animal. This movie will make you cry way faster than “The Lion King” and that’s a promise. It’s not about native vs white man, it’s about man vs nature and how everything is a circle. It is deep and meaningful and romance is limited and mostly in the sequel that is just as bad ass and the females within it are great. The art is a masterpiece. 

Oh and let’s not even mention “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” which shows not only a rigged justice system but racial discrimination as well and the main character is…obviously a hunchback. But the other one is a gypsy girl named Esmeralda who basically came to fuck shit up and fight the power???? Yeah, that was a movie.

Now, Disney still has a long way to go when it comes to doing things like making their females physically vary. Including more female characters in general so at least 73% of their movies pass the Bechdel test. Improving their art style maybe??? And, yes, not white-washing a story and being more open to putting ‘European fairy tales’ into a different culture or not putting ‘non-European fairy tales’ into a European setting, but racist? I’m not quite sure.



Also “Yzma is a dinosaur” actually made me laugh so hard!

The fact that an entire conversation came from just a short gif is kind of amazing. 

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I was listening to the Book of Mormon soundtrack while driving to work and saw actual Mormons riding by on their bikes so I had to roll up my windows because Hasa Diega Eebowai was playing oops

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Filk request

If anyone feels like filking “A Lonely Jew on Christmas at Hogwarts”, I wanna hear it.


How far would you go to find someone you’ve lost?

All the way to P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

Anonymous said: Thoughts on high functioning autism?







my first question

anyone feel free to elaborate or get more specific 

i’ll answer this in general and taking as much as i can into consideration but it would work if any of you shared you’re thoughts on this to add to the topic/conversation 

I’m not sure what the question even means.

I don’t like the term high functioning autism, though.

Picture two autistic people:

One of them had a short speech delay, but became fairly verbal.  Sie went to gifted classes in school and was in college by the time sie was fourteen.  In college, sie even had a boyfriend and a sexual relationship with him, although sie never technically lost hir virginity.  Sie grew up to be a popular autism blogger and a leader in the autistic self-advocacy community.  Sie writes eloquently about the conditions affecting autistic people, and has presented at many different conferences.

Then let’s look at another autistic person.  This person also had a short speech delay, or rather a loss of speech, in early childhood.  When the speech came back, it was echolalia.  Sie could often not make hir words mean what her brain wanted them to mean.  Sie could sometimes communicate with speech, but other times her speech was completely non-communicative repetition of things from books or things sie’d heard people say.  Sie grew up biting hirself in the arms until she left marks and even holes, and banging hir head on things as hard as sie could.  Sie had a hard time, past a certain point, keeping up in school, and by the edge of fifteen sie was never in regular school again.  At the age of eleven, sie began losing speech and motor skills gradually, so that everything became harder and harder.  Yet more and more demands were put on her developmentally.  This made it hard for hir to keep up, and sie frequently considered or attempted suicide.  Sie spent hir teen years in and out of mental institutions and special ed.  By hir early twenties, sie could no longer speak communicatively at all.  When they tried letting hir live on hir own, sie ended up starving, urinating on the floor, and living in such a filthy environment that once sie did get services to help hir, they had to call in extra help.  Sie has never been able to work at a full-time job.  Sie needs a lot of services just to get hir through a typical day.  At one point, in the past, sie banged hir head thousands of times per hour, and could also become aggressive.  Sie accidentally did things, without any intention of hurting hirself, like opening the door of cars on the freeway.  Sie is incontinent because sie can’t always make it to the bathroom or feel when sie needs to go.  While sie can usually type to communicate, sie also has times when sie is unable to do that and has to use picture symbols, or can’t communicate at all.  People walk up to hir and think that nobody is inside of her, even doctors have made this mistake.  People call hir the r-word on a regular basis.  Hir IQ, at 85, is much higher than the tester anticipated by looking at hir.

And… which one of these people would you call high functioning?  Which would you call low functioning?

Because if you haven’t guessed, they’re both me.  And the idea of high functioning or low functioning autism feels like someone taking a giant saw and trying to split my life in half and tell me that only one half of my life is relevant.  It hurts.  It hurts really badly.  And I wish people wouldn’t do it.

I think low functioning is just the autism-specific version of the r-word.

And high functioning means “don’t look any more disabled than this, or we’ll do all the things we do to those r-words to you too”

Low functioning isn’t autism-specific at all.  (Neither is high-functioning.)  They’re used widely throughout both DD and psych settings, and occasionally in medical situations too (low functioning diabetic, high functioning deaf, etc.).

Yes that’s true. and actually, I knew that.

I still think though that low functioning is an insult and high functioning is a threat.

My brother goes to mainstream high school and has all allistic friends (that i have met), his social life is basically typical but he also has severe anxiety and OCD and is also nonverbal, people usually label him as high-functioning when they want something or want him to feel guilty, and low-functioning when exasperated because he doesn’t speak or maybe had a panic attack or something

by the way, he knows I’m adding this, he’s actually standing right here. 

I’ve actually had a similar experience, although I’m not autistic so therefore this is applied to my own disability so it’s slightly different, but I’m on the slightly more mobile end of the ‘cp spectrum’ let’s call it, because I’m fairly mobile and independent, but I’m also epileptic and get injured really easily, so you could refer to me as either ‘not really that disabled’ or ‘pretty compromised’

Idk, functioning labels are bs. Just thought I’d add my two cents.

In college, sie even had a boyfriend and a sexual relationship with him, although sie never technically lost hir virginity.”

This is why I want to lose the concept of virginity. Sexy times are sexy times.



I think my favorite thing about the fandom culture on tumblr are the headcanon posts. They’re all revolutionary, because they almost invariably come from marginalized voices. We who have been unloved by the world imagine our favorite characters loving us, fighting for us. Where their creators expect us to exalt them through uncritical worship, we do it by humbling them instead. We make them better by making them one of us.

We racebend, or we explore and celebrate the cultural backgrounds of non-white characters whose ethnicities have been canonically overlooked. We reclaim them as queer or non-binary or neurotypical or disabled, and then we imagine them loving themselves and being loved by their communities. We take characters who have been broken in their battles and envision for them days of quiet happiness, of rest and healing and small comforts, because we’ve been there and we know exactly what you need. We turn them into the role models we should have, that we desperately need, and I think it helps us love ourselves more too. 

So don’t ever stop writing posts about Scott McCall hearing his mother sing lullabies in Spanish or Bucky Barnes helping kids get prosthetics or charity-starting bisexual Steve Rogers who stands up for women’s rights or Hogwarts houses validating their trans students. Give me all your fan art of fat Feferi and hijabi Rose Lalonde and the Avengers in a big cuddle pile of mutual self care. This is so important, don’t let anybody tell you differently. I appreciate it all so much.

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Jul 10

“New Rule: Any employer who opts out of providing insurance coverage for their employees’ birth control for “religious” reasons must provide 18 years of paid maternity leave to all its employees who end up giving birth. Because family values and stay-at-home moms and Jesus.” — John Bollinger

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