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I’m at that awkward stage of the morning where I can’t remember if I’ve taken my Ritalin or not.

I’d suggest taking the time to purchase one of those daily pill containers! It might appear a little mundane for just one medication, but as long as you don’t refill the container until it’s empty, it should at least be a good indicator of whether or not you’ve taken your meds.

I think I’d set an alarm for an hour from now and see if I feel like it’s kicked in yet. If not, maybe I’d take half my usual dose to avoid spending the day zooming if I were wrong.

  • 23rd July
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You notice things all over the room that are extremely random or irrelevant. Like, for instance, in a meeting, you may notice the clicking of pens, the leaves falling outside, and so on – all while you should be paying attention.

Gurevich, David (2010-05-24). Adult ADHD: What You Need to Know (p. 7). Kindle Edition.  (via adhdisme)

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. So annoying.

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  • 13th July
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Socially Awkward Penguin = GPOY

I wrote in my departing supervisor’s card that I’m terrible at goodbyes, and then I couldn’t even bring myself to go to her farewell party. I usually have pretty decent workplace social skills, but I was terrified that I’d be memorably awkward or bury my face in slices of cake all afternoon. I still feel anxious about what if she comes by my office to say “I didn’t see you at my party but I wanted to say goodbye” because all I’ll hear is “I didn’t see you {SHAME}{HORROR}{AWKWARD} say {OH GOD}{IS SHE GONE YET?}{I THINK SHE WANTS A RESPONSE?}{FML}”.

I think part of this is that I had lunch with a table full of coworkers whose names I didn’t even know until we started talking, and that was quite enough challenging social interaction for one afternoon, thank you very much. So I was already overflowing / overwhelmed and was much happier doing a boring repetitive task at the computer. I feel autistic (I mean this sincerely and literally) and I usually don’t feel that way. But I do feel comforted to know that I’m not the only one with feelings like that.

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  • 28th June
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THIS is what all public conversations sound like to me when I can’t see your mouth. I don’t know if it’s an auditory processing disorder, part of attention deficit disorder, or both. But if you want to know me better, listen to this video and then try to imagine one of the performers saying they feel deeply hurt because I don’t seem to care enough to pay attention to what they’re saying.

[In the video, Conan O’Brien explains apologetically that his team has booked two standup comics for the same night, and both comics perform their routines on the same stage at the same time.]

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